tan hoang minh

To become a leading Group in financial investment and high-end real estate nation-wide and world-wide

Tan Hoang Minh
  • To improve the life quality by innovative and ground-breaking solutions.
  • To provide the market with products and services of international quality, point-to-point perfection and timeless values.
  • To provide customers with “timeless masterpieces”.
  • To join hands in the construction and development of urban landscape and living environment.
tan hoang minh
Core values
  • Customer-centric.
  • For the benefits of customers, collaborators, partners and the community
  • Honoring the value of perfection.
  • Taking manpower as the decisive factor
Tan Hoang minh
Business philosophy
  • Progress
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Passion
  • Perfection