Tan hoang minh group

Since its reform Vietnam has been seen with steady uptrend in every aspect of economy. The real estate industry has taken vigorous changes with segments shaping up more clearly over years. Those who have enough passion and courage to go all their way may figure out generous niche markets for authentic products of premium quality. Tan Hoang Minh Group has taken the very best of effort to make its own way along the nation’s growth and now proudly has its name affixed to only the top-notch and most perfect products in such fields as import-export, high-end rattan and bamboo furniture production, hospitality and taxi-based public transport services

Tan hoang minh group
Staffing policies

Considering each employee as a partner, the staff team as the key factor that determines the Group’s success, in order to build a strong and standard collective, the Group pays attention to tarlent magnetizing and selection, staff team development and consolidation, material and spiritual life of each employee. This is proven by the constant compliance with provisions of the Labor Code, the State’s regimes and policies, favorable conditions for employees to work, learn and promote, and supports for the staff’s material life improvement.

Salary and allowance

The basic salary is paid depending on the title and working position according to the payroll signed by the Chairman – General Director. To maintain a high competition, depending on the annual business results and each unit performance, the Group also pay sales commission (annual bonuses based on the business performance, staff’s competency and contributions); incentive to sales staffs under sales programs/campaigns from time to time in year and other allowances in accordance with the Labor Code.

Welfare regime:

Overall medical examination and treatment for all staff members and annual advanced health examination for management levels of the Group. This is conducted annually as a way to effectize the Group’s leadership’s responsibilities and attention to sustainable human resource development policies.


On annual basis, employees of the Group are provided with new uniforms (including men’s/women’s suits + white shirts)
Bonus for new ideas, scientific research and technological innovation:
The Group takes constant attention to promoting initiatives, practices that save materials and costs, ideas in workflow or technology refresh, … and applies a very attractive bonus policy.

Leaves and holiday

Number of leave days: 12 days/year. Staffs and employees are entitled to 1 additional leave day after each 5 year of service at the Group.
Public holidays and Tet Holidays: in accordance with provisions of the Labor Code.

Training support

Tan Hoang Minh Group pays a profound attention to training and development of staff members, as it takes this among the basic goals of Group human resources management. The Group focuses on training programs to improve professional qualifications, skills training programs, internal training programs, outsourcing training, etc.

Promotion opportunities

Tan Hoang Minh Group is really a dynamic working environment rich of promotion opportunities, where young people have chance to express and develop their own capabilities.